Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunch with PLAYER-CUM-DJ!

Everyone for sure is wondering who's this OFF THE HOOK guy..haha......as usual my partner-Terence....haha.......He's a DJ now!!!!

I'm glad for him because.................FINALLY he's earning money IN A CLUB and not spending his money like water IN THE CLUB.'Everything that he does always have something to do with CLUB'.It's FATED that his life is in the club...Haiz~~~~~~Pity him!

I remember the last time I met him was the time I clubbed with him....quite a long time d....almost a month already..haha....

He asked me out for lunch as he hasn't had his lunch yet.Pity him!This is not the 1st time ...haha

His mum didn't wana cook for him~she's sleeping~

*hmm.....I think guys should be more independent nowadays.OoopppSss!!!They haven't learnt to be independent so how could they be MORE independent?!?!?!?haha

Anyway,He's still a nice guy who asked about my situation after what've happened......nice guy!
It's not a mistake to know him!!!haha

Ok,it may be not nice to hear this BUT I knew this NICE guy in a club n since then we always 'LEPAK' together...haha......He was really a player when I knew him for the 1st time..haha....and I was his partner...A player too..haha....

And again,I ate for 2nd round after having my lunch just for half an hour.ARGHHH!!!!!I'm getting FATTER!!!!!!
But I couldn't stop thinking of food at the cafe..haha...........too much cold drinks-ASTHMA gonna 'ATTACK' anytime!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We chit-chat for almost an hour and he told me something which I've only found out after a year!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
It's something surprised me so much!!!!!
Luckily,he's 'INSAF' from what he'd done.

Honestly,I'm like an old nanny for him because I always remind him to appreciate his current girlfriend because she's really a nice girl AND........He needs a mature girlfriend to quit his bad habit as a player...haha

Guess what?I suggested him to open a club on his own n I'll be his partner AGAIN..haha....His ideas for his so-called future club are damn ridiculous!!!!Here it is:

#A club at the beach

#No T-shirt for the girls-BIKINI rental for girls who wear T-shirts

#Ladies night on Wednesday BUT the girls have to come with BIKINI

#Sex party on Saturday night-VIP room for everyone,guys can FUCK any girls but the girls have to ask for their pay from the guys who FUCK them,ONLY the BOSS->Terence doesn't need to pay if he FUCK the girls.*for him,girls can get a free beer if he fuck her,a free liquor if a gal sucks his 'dick'
*(I know this sounds dirty but it's his original ideas..haha)

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