Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is how I spent my weekend WISELY!

Breakfast in the morning almost made me FAT because :

1st round-soya milk+tou fu fa+2 bowls of 'lao shu fen'(a type of mee)

after half and hour........

2nd round-baked cheese pasta+cakes+english breakfast

all together=FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis insisted on having breakfast @ Season for 2nd round after the 1st round breakfast...she never want to lose weight even though she keeps on saying that "I WANA DIET!"

so here it goes when we were having breakfast.....
her 1st request to ask me take her photo
again....tak boleh tahan
just love to take his pic
another time again.....u'll never look good la
josh hates this!!!!!
so-so...not very nice la
a piece of cake in the morning keeps the doc away...........haha
josh looks funny in this...sis pulak love taking pic

my breakfast for 2nd round....crazy thoughsee her piggy lips????haha
we really love to cam-whore
josh's favourite smile

let the time passes faster so that the time to havoc comes early
nice place....just get as many free tea as u wan
cam whore~
the pirate'vcd'...haha
the pro one
u can only get this delicious one in sentosa
herbal chicken n kangkung!......yummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
nice one~
nice dishes for my dinner...thnx kent n harn!


* We've planned to be volunteers to help those in need few weeks back....and today is the day!!!!
Honestly,I've never been a volunteer before but i've always wanted to do it!

We had to wake up early as Teoye promised to pick us up at 6.30am....So we were supposed to wake up at 5.30am but harn n I 'STICK TO THE BED' untill 6 in the morning because our bedtime was too early (in the midnight)........and we chit-chat non-stop..haha

Guess what???He was the one who's late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Both of us almost fell asleep while waiting for him....and finally he's there after 5 mins...thnx GOD!

On the way to our destination,the guys talked loads of stuff which involved Harn,

Teoye:'Harn,you should have stayed at home and don't need to come....I just need to pick Joann from yr place can d..u just don't need to follow'

Song:'yalah...wat for you come?'

the rest of us were just laughing...kesian u la harn.....

When we reached there,our breakfast was the 1st.......i kept on asking them

'u guys come to help or just wana eat yr breakfast?'

When Boon reached,his hands were full of our food...mine is the most special one!!!!!!!Thnx...everyone's so JEALOUS!!!hehe

It was fun to help them out at the fair..u can see many kind hearted people there to support those in need.....

*I saw something weird when I was doing my job.An old woman with full of white hair wearing a cowgirl style outfit..Even with her boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!I was so only I realised that the old ones are more fashionable than the younger ones*

*Oh ya!I've got a very SPECIAL present for being a volunteer~splash of sambal on my few hundred bucks jeans.....never mind la.....good deed have to redesign my jeans lo....*

both of us were damn sleepy in the morning......then had to squeeze with 2 guys in the car...pity us!!!!
she purposely made that expression.....geram la!!!!!!!
boon likes to talk bad abt him when he was eating
love them ~
i paid 5 bucks for this cuz didn't have small change but Boon complained to that girl that I've paid 5 bucks rather than 2 bucks to get a small little tiny heart shape...aiya...nvr mind la....for charity ma
the shy guy
jo n the happy go lucky boon..thnx for yr 'PRESENTS'
teoye n jo......he's the one kept on asking harn if i was really leaving early with her..haha..thnx for yr caring wo....
nice knowing them.....the student is as perfect as us....we're good and co-operate partners...last pic before i left

the edited version....looks nice!

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