Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 1 day trip back to my hometown

I love going back to JB soooooo much.*winks*
And finally i've got to go back after a month...haha....just got back from JB a month ago and now 'back to square one' again.

The first thing that I always do once i'm back to JB is EAT!!!!
I love the food there especially the dim sum and there's something that really 'ATTRACTS' me to go back everytime I'm there~the 'yuan yang' cookies(means a pair of mandarin ducks in chinese).But of course the cookies are not made of ducks la....haha.....

Our 1st destination-giant hypermarket in plentong just to buy the cookies...haha

Later then,we went to jusco tebrau for nothing as Josh kept making noise to go there.So,I suggested to have a rest @ Dunkin donuts..hahah...I love the donuts so much...

We did have some cam-whoring session during our 'trip' in jusco..haha
not so nice shot.....

so,I prefered to wear my 'fly' sunglasses to cover up my dark circle due to the clubbing activity the night before.
Dunkin-dunkin donuts~~~~I 'M LOVING IT! DA ~LA ~DA~TA ~DA....DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

Sis wanted to take photo with this stupid balloon from the colgate free dentistry check-up but she rejected the prmoter's offer to have the FREE check-up as she hates her teeth..haha

This is the 20 dunkin donuts that I've brought back..haha

During our tea time at dunkin donuts,I've 'spare' some time to test the camera of my new phone and I've taken some funny shots of my sis and bro.
*I've used the multi shot as a 'LAB-RAT'*(it's continuously)

Shot 1
shot 2
shot 3
shot 5

After jusco,Josh kept on making noise again and wanted to go to Danga Bay.
It's a nice place but not when I'm having migraine the whole day!!!!!

couldn't get to cycle it so just took a pic on it..haha...no one wanted to cycle it as would be exhausted
the angry face of him when he didn't get to ride on the tricycle*after crying*

the both gemuk-gemuk ones...haha

We did enjoy the day but the 2 big sisters were too sleepy and tired to accompany the lil' bro.

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