Friday, October 02, 2009

Back to the Kinabalu's home!

I'm back to Sabah,at last!
After spending 2 weeks of holidays in Malacca, my brain couldn't function well at all.I was like a person who just lost all her memories.

2 weeks of holiday= 1st week was approved by myself to go home+the official Raya holiday!

I forgot everything that I've learned the week before my self-approved holiday.

Got my Spanish,Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship result= BIEN!!!! BUENO!!!*feliz*

Once I met any of my friends,they were so eager to know if I'm in a relationship..haha....based on the pics.GOSH!!!!!!

Mummy bought me a new Barbie phone pouch!!!!!

the economics mag and my Barbie phone pouch!:)

Had Toastmaster meeting this evening and our president was kind enough to bring mooncakes,drinks, pineapple(of course cut into pieces) and a fruit which is similar as nangka.

The colour of the drink looks like...............................
Some said it looks like someone's pee,
I told Samuel that it's tequila shot when he's drinking...haha....

It's chrysanthemum tea!!!!!

Durian for supper!
I've forgotten that I need to do an interview tomorrow and yet my mouth is full of the smell of durian!

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