Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday night,our weekend as usual...we'll hang out together every weekend after so much stress in school on friday.Therefore,we always 'award' ourselves with nice ,delicious and expensive dinner..haha...what to do???It's students' life nowadays.Undenyable!!!!!

We went for dinner at Nando's and chit chat alot of 'stupid' stuff but still we're talking about one of our friends who was absent to school for many days..However,i feel relief when i've got to call through his phone but my instinct felt that something's wrong with him..Without interuppted him with my' grandmother novel',I've got to talk to him for a few seconds...

Back to my friday night,We'd alot of fun especially with our so-called Lee Hom..haha....

my so-called-journey:Klan streetwear store-->Nando's at MP-->Jonker street-->Witchery Ider Cafe
Jammie's 'good' job..Thanks alot(i mean a loaf)..haha
cam-whorer + busybody = nice pose
temporary waitress with the new year promotion at Nando's
do we look like twins???haha..she's my long-lost twin sis
cold n hot choc
ice lemon tea n hot tea..TEA TEA TEA TEA
the chocolate lovers~~~
cold n hot
our dinner~~~yummy~~~
70% fat+10% carbohydrate+20% protein='HEALTHY' food
Jammie,jo and tiffany @ jonker
1st attempt
2nd's just that Jammie's expression is different

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