Friday, February 02, 2007

*Ice-cream is the happiness in my life especially Baskin Robbins' ice -cream..My favourite!!!!

*So, on the 31st ,we were too desperate to have the yummy yummy ice-cream and kept on talkng about it in school..Because we've planned to have the 'discounted' ice-cream a month ago.Actually we plan for everything very very early especially when comes to 'MAKAN' and CLUBBING..haha

*I'm a person who hate to go out after school cuz i need to take a nap everyday after school but not on that day cuz i've got to eat.YIPEE~~~~

*First of all,we went for lunch at 1901 hotdog(actually i suggested to go there cuz i miss the burger).I think nowadays students are richer than those older days students cuz the students always spend on nice food,nice clothes and evrything nice.I'm one of them cuz i spend my money mostly on branded stuff...k..back to the topic.We'd fun eating though...

*Just after half and hour and our stomach hasn't really digested all the food that we ate earlier,we went for 2 nd round.Actually our main reason is just to have the ice-cream.I miss Baskin Robbins sooooooo much~~~

*I've got my favourite flavour though..haha...I feel so nice when the ice-cream melted in my mouth..yummy~~~~We took half an hour to finish it cuz there was an interuption when we're having fun eating.Anyway i don't blame that guy who interup us cuz he's cute!!!!

*I've got a toothache during my tuition class after eating that ice-cream.Maybe i deserve it cuz i was eating non-stop~~~~~
do u think that this pic is weird??i mean jaz's head
the 3 big eaters
the spoons~`so lame~~
jamoca almond fudge(my favourite),royal choc mousse,and caramel dunno what...jaz's chose i


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