Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4give & 4get

People always say that forgive n forget r the best things to do in our life..maybe dat's true n dat is wat i always try to do in my life.

However, those two words never ever come into my life at all.This is wat i can't figure out but i always think of those words everytime i try to take revenge against someone who has done something wrong to me.I'm a person who wil always keep revenge in my heart n never forget abt it at all because i want that "jerk"to get back the same thing dat they did...but actually is not the same..i want something worse happen to them!

I've told u guys abt that cuz dat's part of my personality n dat's true....really really true......the reason i wrote dis as my 1st blog cuz i was cheated by someone who really hurt me n i nvr forgive n forget everything he's done to me..i always think of taking revenge against him n the other parties who involved in dat cheating too..That cheating really broke my nerves...I tried to forgive n forget but i couldn't do it at all...

All of a sudden,dunno wat's crossed my mind??????i just forgot abt everything dat he's done n just forgave him..hel-llllo????This is not me..wat's really happened to me?????Or the words "4give" and "4get" really come into my life???????

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