Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My delightful X'mas eve!

This is the 1st time that I've planned for my x'mas eve at the last minute because due to my packed schedule !

No working on X'mas eve,Hooray!!!!

Therefore,Darl came all the way back from KL to celebrate X'mas eve with me!!!!!Love it!!!!!!!
Those greatest ones are there on X'mas eve with me!!!I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Jaz and I have the cam-whoring session in the loo..haha
cool santa n moi
the early birds are desperating for clubbing
merry x'mas!!!!!
wish I could be a santarina someday..hehe

moi n sexy santarina zeno

some idiot spoilt this pic!!!!!!
the so called Gucci glow in dark spec.The ugliest pic of me
he lights up my life!Thnx!
you're the best!
i have no ways to make him drink..haha
he's the drunk santa!!!!!

Apparently,I did have a GREAT X'mas eve with u guys!!!!!
You guys ROX!!!!!!!!
love ya,XOXO

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