Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dim Sum

I had dim sum finally!
Plan failed after everyone got tipsy the night before because of Scorpion Tequila courtesy of S.
5 of us went to dim sum together before sending R off to the airport.
I couldn't believe that I just slept for 3 hours and woke up at 5.30 in the morning.
Because of food,I sacrificed *PROUD*

WM and JS over-slept until I texted WM then only she realised that we had dim sum appointment.
Fun conversation in the car and there's guy who watched Gossip Girl!!!
Better not to disclose the person.haha....
Dim sum at Foo Ping Restaurant and we were way too early.
My 1st visit to there.
And yeah....R kept on asking if I'm satisfied since I kept bugging him and S for dim

5 of us were really like old men and old ladies as we're the earliest there and the customers who came later than us were old folks!
Now you can see how 'OLD' are we.LOL!
We ate non-stop and even took those dim sum that we don't really eat as long as there's food.
Btw,we have big-eaters though. No worries.

JS and I were shocked when we asked for the bill as it's RM 86!
Just for breakfast.
JS even counted that how many 'long' (plates) of dim sum we had.
23 in total! UNBELIEVABLE!

Satisfied dim sum with great people!
Am so jealous that R is back to his hometown. :)

Oh ya,gonna update the hang-out by the beach when I'm free.Fun night out!

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