Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Happy Purchases!

I'm gonna share my happy purchases in these few months. :)

Marilyn Monroe-Barbie 50th Anniversary

Barbie is my MAJOR LOVE purchase!

From lil' girl's dream to GAGA style...

Pig linen heels-liked-clogs

Bought it at a massive discount!
Pig Linen- RM 109.9 ..It's RM 10 per pair!
I've started to see models wearing these kind of heels on the web.I bought it at the cheapest price in case the fashion trend starts to get HOT and I will have to pay a fucking big amount.
Am a smart consumer!

divine wine and south beach
2 for RM 8 at Watsons! I'm not a cheapskate ok?
The colour attracted me so much!

all time favo :)
Continue with my edition of Empress Orchid to The Last Empress

Oriental Dragon and Phoenix brooch

Spotted this at Salanbianca. It's ONLY RM 10...unique design!

Gossip Girl style headband
Super cheapo! RM 6.90!!!hahahahahhaha

handmade brooches
My recent crazy for brooches....RM 10 for 3

Handmade rose brooch..awesome for simple dress!

crystallizing necklace
Got the necklaces from Parkson while doing some window shopping.It's RM10 for each!

Last but not least.....
My partner for Halloween

Mr.Pumpkin from Daiso
There are other purchases that I will share when I use wear it!
bYsI ruffle top for RM 10, Salanbianca handmade embroidery dress for RM 299 RM 20, Brown gaga heels without stripes, Heels from charles and Keith and lots of clothes!

Will share it when I take the pics..hehe

Am super addicted with accessories!

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p.u.t.e.r.i j.o.y.l.i.m said...

How you manage to get so many cheap yet fashionable stuff? :o