Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween @ The Shenanigan's,KK.Sabah

It was a well-planned and unplanned last minute Halloween.

I was cracking my brain in the library and Jon called to go for the Halloween as he had prepared for his Halloween character but we had yet to think of any!

Hilda, YY and then did some errand for the accessories and I've got everything from Daiso!
It was like a touch-and-go for me..hahaha
Grabbed and paid!

red bow tie and my pumpkins!
how can I go for halloween without them?
Edward cullen of the night!
See..he's well-prepared!

the table deco @ The Shenanigan's!
It was Twillight theme!

Hilda the cheongsam gal, YY the witch doctor,moi the bitch bunny

fave shot! <3
awesome ppl in the club!
witch doctor injected vervains on the vampire's neck!
the Halloween version of black MJ
She treated patience with sexy feelings!
awesome opening from the liveband!
DJ in the club!
The girls from Toastmasters club!
Sexy singers showing their boobs of cuz....
bumped into the other group of friends
left:the winner of the night for best dressed male costume
He won it for his effort for dressing the same 'monster' for 2 nights continuously!

sexy ladies!
winner for best dressed female...
her corset is so sweet with Pink!


love this shot by me..
The prisoner and harry potter
the yaku!dunno wth he called lar...

the other version of jon and
gorgeous and awesome partner!
bunny with traditional style

sexy nurse in the house!
charles and keith.....
Erward Cullen with my bunny ears!

sexy bunny doctor with her Charles&Keith

bunny turns into a psychologist

Spotted lots of pretty and sexy chicks in the club!
You can't find it in Malacca!

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