Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farewell for Frankie!

Our beloved International friend from Shanghai has left Malaysia after finishing his final sem in Uni.

We did get to have a gathering together before he left.
Everyone had a great time!

Frankie is a very dedicated guy in his assignments and any events that he's involved.
He's helpful and generous to share his knowledge with us.
It's proud for us to know him.

The 1st time I knew him was during our Marketing tutorial class and we were looking for members for group assignment.
I was sitting in front while he sat at the back and it's like a 'click' that we just smile and nodded to each other with our body language to be in a group.e k

Time flies and we knew each other for 2 yrs +.

I was glad that he was my ballroom dancing partner!
He can sing and dance very well though!

He always likes to say:"no problem!"
and this always makes us laugh out loud.

We had a great lunch together at Boston cafe few days before he left.
And guess what? We found out that he's a much much bigger gossip girl fan than us!
He 's the one shared about Chuck Bass real life story!
We,girls are such a loser!!!

Pool time after lunch!
Living in the addiction of pool.......

We sent him to the airport on the day he left~19-11-2010

Breakfast at Fook Yuen

Our heart felt so 'heavy' seeing him boarding.....

LOVE this pic as everyone smile so happily ever after!

The weather on the day he left was really bright and the peak of Mount Kota Kinabalu could be seen too.

May he succeed in the future and all the best in continuing his Master in International Business and Entrepreneur.


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