Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lil' Josh's 9th B'day celebration!

No birthday party for Josh this year!
But we spent more on him this,sneaker,his favourite cartoon pencil case and dinner.
I have no exception but to spend on him.It's a MUST!
I've spent few hundreds for his birthday party last year so this year I spent less!
Mum had to spend more on him.

We went all the way to town to find a cake for him.As his requested!

A pink car on the cake looks cool!!!!
Due to his impatience,we cut the cake right after he finished school!

He's happy when we sang him a birthday song!!!!

These are not the only present!!!!

Later then,we went for dinner at Amigo for his birthday!

He attracted an aunt though...haha
The bday boy
bro n sis

I love this pic so much...haha..he looks funny!
The food lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I started to tell mum the best salad I ever had in Sabah.....haha...........I forgot the restaurant's name.
Bro is always irritating at sis's cam-whore habit!
She needs to slice her meat to make her look thinner though.....

Couldn't be bothered!

Then,sis started her black&white cam-whore session!!!!

mum was the 1st victim!
Then herself..haha

Sis took this pic mainly focus on the food...wth?!
The fatty ones~
I've become her victim for cam-whoring..u can see how good is she....haha

The big boss!!!!!

A family pic without dad as he couldn't make it back to Malacca on Friday night.....

While walking towards the car,sis started to cam-whore again!
Guess what?!This time mum joined sis along!!!!!!
The sister2sister
I look like my mum though................
The so -called James bond style..i think!
Josh's not supposed to be in the pic but he insisted to join us!
The mother and daughters pic!!!

Happy b'day baby boy!
Love ya!

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