Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sherlynn DARLING's 20th B'day @ Sampan&Geographer

A b'day celebration fully planned by her bf.

Shopped with Sherlynn in the noon right after lazing around at Malacca Club.
Sisterhood is always the best~a cup of Venti Ice-blended Chocolate for 3!!!'s 3!!!!!!!Include a guy-her bf!!!!
I preferred us to share rather than a cup for each of us because......

We had nice dinner together...
It's been such a long time since we reunited to have dinner together!!!!!
It's PERFECT!!!!!!!

Dinner @ Sampan!!!!
The b'day girl with her lil' present by Jaz~
The lil' present-Tiramisu!

The candle as the prop~
The cheesy ones~
The b'day gal!!!!
our 1st shot together!

Jaz took this while I was busying taking pic of the props by using my baby~:)
The romantic scene ..haha
We save the earth all the time..haha..GO GREEN!!!!
I love this~
Cam-whore session~
No more global warming~
The gang ....
Jo-the photographer of the nite~
His surprise for her~so sweet:)
Her delightful face~
The cake...
Her wish for next year b'day~celebrate @ the eye on m'sia!!!!!Haha....

The lovely couple~
Sherlynn n jo~
She blocked my face!!ARGHHH!!!!!!

A rose in the mouth~~~~~haha.....I love his!!!
Our heart to heart 'ceremony'-the moon is our symbol..haha...
She preferred a formal ceremony..haha
"Please marry me!"
I was supposed to cut the cake but they got pissed off as I messed the cake up..haha
The ladies~

Next station~~~Geographer for ALCOHOL!!!!

Oh Gosh!!!I've been drinking for 3 days continuously!!!!!
The sweet couple!!

It's story telling time...
All about lame jokes!!!!!!
Jaz didn't seem to enjoy it..haha

She's a good photo taking skil though..:)

It's poker time!!!

Worst punishment ever for the losers!!!!!!

Cathy and I were punished for TWICE!!!!!

So as Eric and his gf!!!

But our punishments were the worst!!!

Make friends with the 'ang moh' at the next table ,kiss a tree and gave a hug to a waiter!!!!!


Beer with poker -Th best!!!!
After an enjoyable night,it's time to go home!!!!

Last pic!!!!

It's such a great night as we've got to gather once more after so long!!!!

Happy B'day my DARLING!!!!

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