Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My FULLY 'occupied' Wednesday!

Job briefing @ Equatorial Hotel in the evening~
Gonna be prepared for the job for Studio C event @ Pure!!!
My partner~Esther ,will be working together with me...let me clarify....We're the only students among all the girls!!!!!
Kinda lazy to talk about the other girls especially their attitudes during the briefing...All we could said was just a 'HAIZ~~~~'

Guess what???We have a very AWESOME & GREAT AND of course a MACHO guy as our agent!!!!
McD for us-the girls(I mean just the both of us)
Ariff...I love ya to bits!!!
You treats us damn good..hehe.....

My task-Sell the chips!
As just I'm a banker the CASINO!!!!!
I was so afraid as I have a big responsibility in holding a big amount of CASH!!!!!!

We were given the info about everything and also only certain of accessories are allowed to wear.
No nail colour!!!
Luckily they didn't 'PROHIBIT' tattoos!!!(that's what Ariff said)

Night activity~hang out with Sherlynn at mamak and got a very nice surprise!
"Let's go clubbing!"

I was like "WHAT?!?!?!?!My drink is not here yet"

Ok,so the thing that I've got to do was to finish my drink at a time!!!

Rushed home and changed!!!!!

Another unplanned clubbing night with her!!!!
It's something nice though!!!!

Cheesy smile!
Finally I've got to wear this PINK dress which I've bought it 4 months ago in Sabah.
It's out of the 'MUSUEM'!!!!!!!!

I love this dress so much!!!!

To my dear someone,I don't wear fake eyelashes and these are my real lashes!!!!!!!!!!


1)I don't know to put on a fake lash

2)I'm too lazy to waste my time on it as I've pissed off putting my mascara on everytime.My lashes are too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night we had COCKTAILS+BEERS!!!
Jo and her girlfriend!!!

We had fun at the bar as we kept spotting a cute bartender!!!!(he's my fren thou)..haha
And he kept giving us more and more cocktails!!!!
We just love hanging out together!
To save the mother nature,go GREEN!!!!!!
Candid shot!

Jo's such a FORGETFUL GIRL!!!!

She could recognise me but I couldn't!
She used to be a very beautiful girl and I love to see her so much but now she's changed to a tomboy!!!!
What's wrong with the earth?!?!?!?!
She's the one I was talking about!
CArol & JO!!!!
She's friendly to the max and her smile is always on her face!

I had a great night ending!!


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