Monday, December 15, 2008

Medication for Monday Blue

Woke up at 11.30 a.m today as I've got a call that gives me the 'spirit' to spend the rest of my day!
*too early for me though*

I've got to collect my phone from the dealer!
My baby is back to square one!
It's been a month that I have to live with my sis's phone which is damn difficult for me as I've used to use mine~

Couz rang me and wanted to drag me to the temple with her~
I wana go there and pray but she wana be a BUSYBODY and looks for someone.
So I've spent some time with her lil' Carlson before we headed off to do some charity first.
Donate some stuff to the Salvation Army as mum asked to.

Had my lunch at couzy's place but the first bite of my popcorn chicken was taken away by her poodle!!!!!!


Carlson's pity face when he was scolded by his owner~Miss Jolene Lum!!!!!!

The first pic I've taken once I've got my phone back!!!!
Damn miss it alot especially the cam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brought my couzy to check out some guys' stuff as my friends(the guys) were talking about it with me last night during our hang out and I was surprise to find out their funny and cute hobby...haha...Gonna be a secret until the day I'm really with them when they buy that stuff....
Not condoms,ok???

Before we went to the temple,I've got to taste the special coffee at Portugese Settlement which my couz has been telling me all this while.

Trust me!!!!!!
The taste of the coffee is so unique and I just couldn't figure out its specialty!
It's called V-coffee~
The V-coffee is nice so as the nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!

Anyway,thnx couzy for the day and the food but of course not the 'trip' to the temple!!!!!

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