Monday, December 22, 2008

Urge to Splurge @ Pure

Supposed to post abt this event few days back but was too busy....

No photos of the event...
I'm trying hard to 'steal' the photos from the people!!!!!!!!

Got to on duty for such a cool and happening event.OMG!!!
Need to earn money to spend!
Economic CRISIS,JO's also CRISIS!

Worked with bunch of girls~~~
OH GIRLS~~All of them are Chinese.My phobia!
I don't get along well with the girls all these while especially the Chinese and I was so worried about it when I found out that all of them are Chinese..
Where the hell could I dig a hole and hide myself?!?!?!?!

Luckily I have someone who's almost the same age as me..Esther!!!
If not,I'll be bored to hell..haha...all these has been 'proven' during the job briefing at Equatorial Hotel..haha..only the both of us know what'd happened..Dun think it's something nice to gossip :P

So I was responsible to sell the chips.
It's something like working at a casino and a bank...That's what the people said when they came to buy the chips!!!

I'm the only one to be responsible but LUCKILY I had a security guard with me!
I was the only one being protected!!!
It's one to nice ya.....

I broke loads of rules during that night because of the people I know!!!!!

This is what I sold!!!!!!!

Esther and I after work..

Until the end of the event,the girls only knew that I CAN SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND MANDARIN when I asked one of them to help us take a pic.

Her reaction was worse:"Oh,you can speak Mandarin."


That's what I told them to clarify that I'M A PURE CHINESE GIRL!

*just mix with a lil' of Thai blood*

This has been a problem for me since I rooted in Malacca.

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