Thursday, December 25, 2008

A SUPERB Tiring Christmas!

KL trip on Christmas!

Only us the idiots would want to stuck in the jam!Haha....
It's a last min plan as we've got nothing better to do and just to pass our time....

More importantly,to visit the baby boy~

Shopped at MidValley and didn't get myself anything as I was too tired to spend my time on choosing clothes for myself...More over,I never fell for any of the clothes!!!!

Headed to Sunway to meet the baby boy...hehe...
Once I was there,no more shopping ~AS..............I volunteered to take care of the baby boy!!!!

Ok,here's the thing....
Whenever I was pushing the baby pram,the people would give me a 'WEIRD' stare~
Even those couples who have a baby!!!!!

For sure this is what in their mind...
"She's so young and has a baby .......Bla...Bla..Bla"

I didn't even give a damn!!!!!

He's the one~~~~

We've got to rush back as someone has to attend a Christmas dinner...

A day with no proper breakfast and not even lunch!!!

The only way~~~
McD in the car!!!

I've McD for many times once I came back but I had all of them in the car~~~

Anyway,it's nice to have McD in the car!!!!
Trying to show off my colourful nail colour as I was the 'lab rat' ..
My dear,here comes the're not the vampire anymore!!!!!

Satay for supper!!!!!!

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