Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Present for my own 21st B'day

It's been a long planning for my own present.
Mum's not gonna fork out a single cent.*_*

Met my tattooist for few times before I decided to have the needle on my body.
There's once mum accompanied me to meet him and she insisted me to get something else.
"Why do you wana get this design?Get something else"

"Mum,there's no such thing to get anything like that.It's a tatt.No last min decision to get something which I don't really want and like."

Mum's funny though as both of us chose the design for my 1st tatt.

The day I've planned to get the tatt was the day Michael jackson passed away.
It's just a coincdence as I've planned it few weeks ago.

Brought sis along as I was supposed to send her to tuition class once I'm done.
My bad,sis had to skip it.

Half done for the outline

My tattooist couldn't stand to see me not responding to the pain on a certain part of my body while he tatt it.

Sis started to cam-whore................
I didnt know wht the hell she took this pic..haha
Memoir of the unwanted chinese daughter by Adeline Yen Mah & musics to reduce my pain...
Can you see sis was camwhoring???haha
Another one...

However,I started to feel the pain.
I requested to take a break as I was too tired in pain........:(
Then,sis was inconsiderate though...she didn't let me rest but asked me to be her photographer.
Tattooist & me........

Both of us talked about loads of stuffs.
He asked me lots of things related to business.haha....

The result of the tatt will be revealed 'soon'.....

Btw,only a few of them around me had really seen the tatt.I prefer not to show it first as it's my 21st b'day present.
I love it too much and have fallen for it.
Cant stop looking at it on the mirror..haha

p/s:Sis cam-whore alot while waiting for me.So didn't post it .

p/p/s:I paid extra 50 bucks for it without realization as I was numb in pain..haha..I did get the money back..:P

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