Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karen's 20th B'day @ Arena

She's my couz-in-law's sis...long distance relative but close.:)

Karen kept bugging me to Arena when I told her.....
that place is not my cup of tea....

Wondering....then finally the answer revealed.
Her 20th birthday.
Only found out on Wed morning,
the celebration on Wed night!
Gosh!Attire is the problem!

When I met her at the entrance,
something coincidentally happened.
There were 2 RED MURDERERS!
Karen & I!!!!!!

I left early to Pure and met up with Darl.

After 3 times of mistaking the cakes,finally the last one was correct.Btw,the yellow one is an unknown cake!
See..some idiot wanted to give the b'day girl/boy(nt karen) a cake but together with the price..
She was so embarrassed with the board at 1st..haha
Jo and Karen
candles blowing~
the best way for chopping meat practice..haha
no one wanted to eat it at all..in the end...it didn't even look like a cake..haha
The red murderers~
The b'day girl was so excited with the lollipop
Last pic before I left.....
My 2nd round with Darl and her guy

Happy B'day Karen!

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