Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The date with Darl &..."

Last weekend,had dinner with Darl.
Of course Issa(Darl's guy) joined along.
And also Shakira!

Dinner @ Sampan.
No more sea view but could see cars...........
More pollution!
Homosapiens in Malacca are gonna die of POLLUTION!

'Dessert' @ Pure after dinner.
Both of us just miss our girls night out so much.

Darl, Shakira & jo @Sampan
BTW,this pic is taken by i-phone
*the quality is uhmm.........*
Shakira, Jo & Issa
DArl & shakira
He had its all!!!!
The Darlings~:)
I look like a dwarf sandwiching between them:P
Now I'm the tallest among the 2 guys..haha...for once......

With lots of love to my dearest Darl,

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