Monday, May 31, 2010

Scorpion in a bottle from Australia!

How do you wana bring a scorpion back all the way from Australia???
Just put it in a bottle of Tequila!

That's why it's called Scorpion Tequila!

Last drinking session before S and R left KK,Sabah.

Thnx to S for the tequila!
Make it tastier by serving a tequila shot in a super nice lighting glass.

A different colour...
S got these glasses from Ice Bar during an event..FHL!

We had the famous chicken wings in KK.
S and R brought the rest of the mixers and some important 'weapons'!
I only need to bring me,myself and I to drink!

Since we had no enough 'weapon' as a coaster for tequila pop,this is the way!!!FOL!

Tada..the best shot of the scorpion!
FYI,it's dead!
We've 'marinated' it in the tequila.LOL.................

Of course we had Absolute Apeach as a companion for the scorpion!

This is the way you should drink Scorpion tequila with vodka!

Ipod for the long night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time to swallow the scorpion.
Not me of course
I takut!

almost K.O cam-whore!

S with his scorpion!

Did I mention that we drink by the beach?
The usual hang out beach for the people in KK?
We're here!

Ran to the seaside for some deep breathe........
It was so awesome!

Heart from the night.
created by the fullmoon!

3 of us were feeding the mosquitoes .........................................


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oh was wondering how initially :-) had tried some chinese wine with all the weird creatures etc :-)