Sunday, August 16, 2009

My 1st weekend of my holiday

fetish for M.A.C

I'm currently hanging out at my gossipers place.
Had dinner with them.Home-cooked dishes!!!!!
Was forced by Sharon to whack the rice!

Woke up at 8-ish this morning to start our mission in selling tickets around the unis and colleges in KK.
It was so much fun though even though it was raining.
Jokes,laughs & pranks!!!!!
And of course our leader did some 'wu liao' stuff.
As usual,when it comes to no-time-for-lunch,McD is the problem solver.

Called mum this morning and she said that I'm FAT!
Gosh!!!!!But of course with a compliment that I look much much better than the time I was skinny NOT SLIM.
However, my fatness was 'brought' from Malacca during my 2 months sem break. This is due to my greediness to desserts as I craved for it every midnight. My babes know it very much.
As long as desserts make me happy but I do have control on myself though.

'm 'injecting' myself with more vitamins.
H1N1 is getting serious.
People,remember to take good care of yourselves!

I'm way too excited for my holiday~
2 days more to go..................

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