Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aaron's 21st birthday @ Upperstar :late post

It's a last min plan for us to celebrate Aaron's birthday.
Few of us wana club,few of us wana go to somewhere quiet and nice and few of us wana go for food!

We met up for dinner and went there in a separate way.
Few of us lost our way to there as we thought it's nearby to a KFC and GSC.
However,Benny referred to another KFC which is opposite of Hyatt Hotel.We were trying to look for a car park where it's just a meter of walking distance .*lol*

Guess what?We realised that Benny and Chan were watching us round and round the area just for a parking space. *gosh*

I'm lovin' the place!
The interior design is awesome!!!!

Corona for the night!
Hilda,the active and talkative one!
moi @ upperstar
May and Jo....we talked about liquors and cocktails all night long!!!!
Hilda & eujin
The birthday boy.
This reminded me of my previous job @ MBF company...hehe

The waitress took the cake out without our realization and I was in a rush to get my cam out!!!

We preferred different flavour of cakes!!!

The interesting design!

Everyone was so busy eating.....
Cake + salt=yummy!!!!!My creation..haha
Group pic without the birthday boy...
Aaron's funny expression.
love this pic...
jo and hilda

This is the reason that we headed to Q-bar after that.(note:they are not gays)

We didn't finish it up but left it in a mess....
eujin & jo
It's time to head to our next destination.

After that,we headed to Q Bar and B.E.D!!!!!

Got back in the midnight and spent the night @ Hilda's place.
8 am class the next day.
I was so doomed!!!!

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