Saturday, August 15, 2009

We travelled for food...........

This is a late post,actually.
The night before my ultimate babe went back to her uni,all 15 of us took an hour journey to Tampin just for food.
The satay!!!
The specialty is that we could 'bbq' the satays ourselves AND it's PORK!
I've never eaten pork satay and I love food so I didn't mind travel for an hour.:)

It opens at 11pm daily.
When we reached there,we were kinda shocked to find out about the location.The place is way too isolated but still there were many people!

There were only can drinks choice!

We took quite a long time to get a table as there were too many of us and we need to get more chairs!!!!
Some of them couldn't wait but quickly 'bbq' the satays!!!!
Btw,the satays didn't taste as nice as we expected as we had unprofessional 'helper' to do it.
They were having more fun to fan it than thinking if the satays were cooked!!!!haha
We had more guys than girls.There were only 4 girls out of 15 of us!!!!!!
The boss is a English spoken guy though.He's nice!!!!

When we were leaving,few of them suddenly made a big fuss that the car broke down.
We were so panicked as it was midnight and there's no way we could get help!!!
Thanks to the driver for being such a panic guy!!!
He forgotten to start the car 'in a proper way'!!!

Have the midnight at babe's place while she was busying packing her stuff.

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