Friday, August 07, 2009

Half-party freak

Now,I'm proud to announce that I'm not a way crazy,happening and freaking party-goer!!!

On the other hand,someone who has never desperated for partying whenever I was around has turned himself taking over my 'position'.
I was shocked on that night.

The story goes on this way......................
A gang of us went out to celebrate Aaron's 21st birthday and a guy suggested for 2nd round which is clubbing.
I didn't even give an idea about it .
Maybe it's because that I have taken alcoholic drink AND alcohol always fulfill me!
Btw,I had class aton 8 in the morning the next day.

Most of them kept commenting that I didn't really party that night.
It's true!!!!

Anyway,will continue the story once I've resize all those pixxies.
The size of the photos taken from my DSLR are way too large.

Hasta luego.

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