Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holiday mode:ON!

On Sunday,I was asked to attend the 2nd interview for PAP(an event organised by uni for Chinese New Year).
Gosh!!!It was kinda scary though. 20 mins in the meeting room for the interview and just imagined I was lacked of sleep the night before.
Questions were challenging!

Went to McD for breakfast and lunch @ 1 B with Hilda because both of us were asked to attend the interview.
We talked alot while having our meal,then suddenly she mentioned about going to Kuching,Sarawak.
Without a thought, I agreed to spend my holiday there for more than a week and booked my ticket once I reached home.
The first time ever I did it!!!!
I've been to Kuching once and I love it so much!

Btw,there are more good-looking guys there than Sabah.HONESTLY.

It's gonna be a superb awesome holiday!

Ppl,by the time I reach Malacca after my holiday,I'll be broke!!!!!!!!!

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