Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love yourself before you want someone to love you!

There are people who are selfish just to find someone who loves them.
They don't care about the others but themselves,being selfish!
When you have everything in your life,you tend to neglect it and never learn to appreciate it.
When you have lost everything,then only you started to realise that the one you've let go is always the best.

I didn't let you go early,it's you the one who didn't know to appreciate everything.
It's you the one who deserve it when you've lost those who are good to you.
Greedy is your attitude.
You think that you're the man when you get the best ones.
Frankly speaking, you're just a failure in your life.
No one will know to appreciate you and loves you.

You've been searching for someone to give you love.
I'm not the one who will love you anymore as you never learn to love me.
People around me are happy that I've got rid of you.
All the advice came to me is not to be with you anymore.

I've learnt the most important thing from someone.
He's the one who taught me.
"What do you have for me to be serious with you when you don't have a job?A car?Cash?"
You're not even stable in everything to have a life!

The moment you asked for a patch up and get serious with you,I could sense that you just want someone to love you and not to love her.
You thought that your previous relationship was serious with her but she did the opposite thing.
I'm glad that someone did it to you as she's done the right thing.
However,you never learn from your mistake.
You will only do the same mistake again and again.

I'm satisfied with everything in my life now.
I'm happy with my life.
So as everyone around me,as long as they are happy with how I lead my life,I'm happy too.

p/s:You told me that you bring woman back from club every weekend,I don't think it's something to be proud of yourself.You're just degrading yourself and I'm not concern about it.GET A LIFE!

p/p/s:My attitude towards you is different from last time.So stop saying that I would do that before this and now will do the same too.You're wrong!You are no one to treat you nicely and sacrifice my time for you.

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