Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today,jo is very good!
Wake up early and 'teman' mummy for shopping as she's 'ajak' me last night.And I love to shop with her even though I have to fork out my own bloody earning money!
*and I did spend much today*

This is the cause when you spend on branded stuffs.
She gives lot of opinions to me everytime I wana spend on something.
She's my everything!
And I realised that I'm getting more mature because I don't argue with her all the time anymore!!!!

So after shopping,we went for Laksa as I know mum loves spicy food so much!!!!

my menu~lontong
mum is too happy with her spicy laksa...she loves spicy food!!!

I was supposed to pay for this meal but due to my commitment for my phone bill.Mum's being understanding.Love ya to bits!!!!!!!!

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