Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The fact!

The result is out!
I have to fly in a week time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should I be happy or sad?????????

I was yelling for my mum and had to wake her up as she's asleep.Sorry,mum!
I can't wait till tomorrow to tell you which uni I've got into!
*wanted to give dad a call and tell him about this good news but it's late night now so it's better not to disturb him*

Luckily,I have jaz's mum over there..haha.....

Thinking of what to bring now as I have loads of clothes and accessories and my SHOES!!!!

The best-est of us got into different unis.
Our promise:Come back during holidays and club ONLY at Pure!!!!

I'm gonna partaaayyyyyy like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pure,good bye!!!!!!
I will miss my 2nd home so much!!!!!!!!!!
The place where my life is!!!!!!!!!!

Now I wonder how will Josh react tomorrow morning?!?!?

Last but not least,'advice' from mum:
"You better be serious after get into uni"
Helo,club is club,enjoy is enjoy,study is study~my principle!

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