Thursday, June 19, 2008

Words from me~

I've got all the details for my uni!This is because someone msg me early in the morning and informed me about that.I"m DAMN excited sial!
But it's gonna be a rush as I have to leave either on next Friday or Saturday.OMG!I haven't pack my stuff yet!!!!

I realised that I have lots of great people in my life!
Proof:I have to inform many of them that I'll be leaving and during that moment ,I couldn't really count the amount of the great people.

I've got to manage my time and meet all of them!They wana meet me too before I leave.Haha...
*too perasan*
But that's the truth what.My 'affair' boyfriend said that la..haha...

I called my uncles last night just to inform them that I've got a place into the uni as they kept asking me for many times before this.So,when I called my youngest uncle,he was so narrow-minded la...*actually he's not and that's what kept me wondering*
"So far?You purposely chose a further place so that your parents won't control you ,right?"I was thinking that my parents don't even control me now so why should I purposely do that.OMG!
Then he said something so 'caring' that my parents didn't even think of it."If you are at somewhere nearby at least yr mummy and daddy can visit you.But so far,so it's difficult."My answer was:"I'll come back during holidays so I think it's ok."

I really can't imagine that he would think of that.Macam he's the only one worried the most.Thnx ya!
At least my another uncle not so worst la.The only thing he asked was"Is that your decision to go there and chose the uni?"Not so 'strict' like my youngest uncle..haha...

Just recalled back what my 'affair' boyfriend said to me last night..haha
"Before you leave we must go out together and have fun ,k?"
Lain kali you don't get to have fun with me when I've left.So do I.

This gang really cheer me up in my life!!!!

Another one-Aunty Lim.Actually she's young but we called her that cuz she's married but in a young age and has 2 daughters!
Together with another crazy one-Yen ting.

Our friendship has been 5 years .I met these great people during my first working experience!Haha....


Oh ya,this morning while I was browsing through someone's friendster profile and found out that this pretty one has a blog!
CATHY HAS A BLOG NOW!!!!hooray!!!!!!!!!!


Last but not least,I've still got to PARTAAYYYYYYY for a week!!!!Not gonna miss the party at PURE!!!!!

I think that's all for now.

TO BE CONTINUED.........................

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