Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My odd routine:

10:00a.m:Get up of my 'sayang' bed.
(For the first time I woke up early after the drinking night)

10:30a.m:Fill up all the details in the form given by my uni

11:00a.m:Went to Putra medical centre for medical check-up
*'m satisfied with the service*

12:30p.m:Headed to Maybank

01:00p.m:Paid my fees in CIMB bank and opened an account

01:45p.m:Headed back to the medical centre for another check-up from doctor

02:20p.m:Went to the temple

03:00p.m:Headed to Bank Simpanan Nasional

0400p.m:Sent sis to her piano lesson

04:30p.m:Went to get the 'latest' look of me in the passport size photos


I was so busy until I've forgotten to have
my breakfast and lunch.
So suffering!

I've lost 1 kg !!!!
I only found out about it
during my medical check up la.....
Luckily the doctor didn't say anything
cuz of my drinking session last night!
It's not good to have alcohol in yr body when you
go for medical check-up though....
Jo's 'silly' advice.

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