Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I haven't been blogging for almost a week.This is due to my hectic life in this few days to get my things done before moving on my life into the Uni.

My study life gonna start all over again and I'll be taking International Business.I've never had any interest in biz until the day I stepped into A-level.A science student to a biz student.It's like a 360 degree changes for me as I didn't know anything about biz!

Anyway no one's think that I do look like a student at all as I'm wild enough to club.Whenever I meet new people,they would ask me what do I work as?
When I 'acknowledge' them that I'm a STUDENT,no one believed!
Ok,whatever.I don't wish to look like a student when I'm having fun like crazy !

Here comes the BUSINESS WOMAN in the future!*applause*

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