Thursday, June 12, 2008

My bad habit-Drinking!

I really can't believe what I'm doing right now in front of my lappie !!!!!
I'm drinking!Ok,it's not water but liquor!!!!
It's just ain't right .

I'm trying so hard to quit my drinking habit .
Frankly speaking,I've not been drinking for a week.Yeah,a week!!!!!
I've stopped drinking beers for months and started to get into liquors.Then,I started to reduce my drinking 'sessions' .A good start for me though.
But when I started to drink beers again,guess what???
It's so indulging . I'm loving it!!!

I just couldn't resist to take my liquor out so it's not my fault la.....It's the fault of my 'sayang' liquor!!!!!!!!!
(actually i put it at a 'visible' place)

I think I need some help to quit drinking.Can someone tell me the RIGHT&BEST way to quit it?

Never mind.I'll work out harder for my gym tomorrow.Hehe....

And I enjoy drinking so much!
Maybe there's no way for me to quit it at all.

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