Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The update for Jone's birthday

The update for Jone a.k.a Dr.Jones 's birthday!Finally,I've got the pics from Jaz.
We celebrated his birthday @ Geographer. My favourite place!!!!
But there's something I didn't really enjoy during that night.Dancing!!!!!!!Whenever there's music,I would dance.But that night really a SHIT as a 'retard' guy(in our gang) wanted to find a table at upstairs!!!!So,I didn't get to dance!!!!!!!*pissed off*
Halo!!!!!!!The atmosphere at downstairs is much much better!!!!!!!!More over,he's brought a 'nerd' girl.I knew that girl when I was in my first high school.Ok,I'm not gonna 'elaborate' more about her.

We've reached earlier than the birthday boy. We've almost got into few accidents when we were on our way to there.Again,the driver is Eric as I was too tired to drive after driving for the whole day.
And again,he didn't pay much attention while driving.Accident is gonna happen the next time !!!!

We WERE being good for not drinking when we ordered our beverage...hmmm....
Jo's trying to quit drinking by ordering Esprit Raspberry!!!!A good start!!!!!!!
We had the same drinks too even though we're drinkers!!!!!

But everything's changed when the birthday boy arrived together with his girlfriend ,Jaz a.k.a my best friend.
The first thing she asked us was :'Why did you guys never order beers?'
For sure I would give her a polite answer:'We don't wana drink tonight....we wana be good'

After that,her bf ~ Jones ordered a few buckets of beers.And of course when he asked me to drink I have to entertain him what.Birthday boy ma..............

he FUCKING loves playing with my phone!!!!
the Dr.Jones's girlfriend
my eyes damn sux!!!!and she's cute in this pic!!!!
her eyes pulak closed this time!!!actually she's trying to peep me..haha
a pretty face and a sexy back...haha
What the hell do you want?!
getting fiercer
i know this pic look sux!!!!Just wana cheer them up...haha
we have the similarity....we never love being KAWAII...but we're trying...ok..it's sux for us!!!!
at least the nicer one
the vulgar side of me
cathy the girl next door...but now she's crazy for partying!!!!!Sorry for teaching u bad stuff....

Here are some masterpieces of Eric which taken by my cam phone..........................

i took this...every part of him....haha

i love this

never missed a cam-whore of myself..haha

Jaz's ugly side by me
randomly by cathy...i didn't realise at all..but i love it
again from her
the girl next door...if she could be the one..haha
nice one
Finally a pic of her with a cigarette........worth a million dollar mann.....
another vulgar one
her trademark of putting her hands on the table
jaz and cathy
the only one pic of us during the night
preparing....for the cake lar
sometimes smart students tend to act more vulgar

the cake
the both of them...the birthday boys....

the couple
the guys
someone's trying to molest him..haha
the birthday boy...they lighted the candle 2nd time just for him to blow..haha
the traditional game...bite the candle

the other's turn's

i like it!

It's the photo taking session.Guess what????Dr.Jones really reminded me of my best partner,Mr.Player who is Terence Koh.
Dr.Jones wanted to take pics with every gal.The more the better for him.OMG!!!!!!!!!
*not gonna upload the other pics during our'photo taking session'*
this is it.....
another one.....

After the celebration,the guys planned to go for supper.But the 3 of us ...Eric,Cathy and I wanted to be late for it as we waited for them for so long before that.So,to spend our time,we went to get a tatt for ourselves..haha.........
mine!!!!I love this tatt artist's art of work!!!!
the 'C'
The best tatt of the year!!!!!!

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