Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last paper for today ~BIZ.It was supposed to be on ..wait...i've forgotten..let me think.........*blur*
Ok.I remember...on Tuesday but the paper delayed 2 days later cuz some of the students ask for it.

The reasons are SIMPLE & EASY & LAZY&LAME&STUPID& are the reasons:

#no time to prepare for so many subjects for Tuesday because there r many things to memorise.....Maths,econ on Tuesday..wait(our many subjects are just 3 in a day but it's many for them d)

#laziness of everyone to prepare early..everyone has a very bad habit~burning the midnight oil....I've only done that for few subjects and didn't even study for the other subjects.Cool rite???This is due to my laziness..haha(too excited abt leaving here)

I was at a meeting this afternoon with my partners....we have many stuff to discuss but i just sat there n read the mag that I've paid alot effort on...while discussing about sponsorship,Eric said something which I agreed alot and it's quite dirty..haha..there a sponsor from FTS sdn.bhd.then something crossed his mind and said
"FTS?????FUCK THAN SUCK..haha...."

"u r rite!!!!But next time i have to be careful abt the signboard when i have my own business..haha'

ok...i dunno what the ending of the discussion as I was the earliest to leave.....

Last night,I was supposed to study for my Biz paper 1 but ending up watching 'Grey's Anatomy'....hehe...studying while watching!!!!

But the episode was quite sad because Meredith 's dead cuz of falling into the sea when rescuing a victim..*SOB*~~too moody to study ~

Just after that,Someone called me.Honestly this special means alot to me and we always share our secrets and problems eventhough both of us are too far away...But we've been doing it for years.....My best friend called to ask me change the time of our gathering because we have to rush for something nice after that...Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna leave here soon!!!!!!
there's what ive been looking forward...hmmm....soon,i' have to to and fro to!!!!!!!!!!!
And I 'need' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Anyway I have prepare it for 'EMERGENCY'
But my schedule's gonna be hectic because I've promised to meet him when I'm there,Meet her there too...Meet them too!!!!!!!!!!!!Haiz~~~~~~too bz la

C ya guys soon~~~~~~~~~MUACKS~~~~

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