Sunday, July 29, 2007

I hate SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!I've never ever spent it wisely..EXCEPT Sleeping..haha...
piggy me~~~~~~~~~blah~blah~blah~ I JUST LOVE TO SLEEP!!!

Things that I've planned to do for sunday:
#wake up at 8am for a jog-{FAILED due to last night 'early' bedtime}

#Go for the blood donating campaign-{FAILED because i'm underweight-standard 48kg but i'm only 43kg}T_T

#shopping for sales-{FAILED because I don't wana spend it on something not worth it}

So,the 1st thing i've ever done in the morning was check my weight...MAMPUS!!!I'm damn light rite now....plan failed to donate my blood.............*disappointed*

Actually ,there another reason that i wana donate my blood besides helping those who are suffering.....I remember Gim told me that it can guarantee me to be safe whenever there's a raid ended up me in the 'lokap'(but i've nvr try before la)'s a good record tho...haha
just forget about it~~~~

  • breakfast-Dim sum

Place:A dim sum restaurant-dunno the name at all

air-conditoned,nice furniture,nice design(but i still prefer my favourite dimsum restaurant in JB)

Food:special dim sum,nice tea,the buns are not nice

Service:not bad

Price:not so reasonble


I want to highlight the service from a waitress there:

This waitress suddenly approached me and whispered something damn weird.I was so shocked because I didn't know what did she wana do at 1st.

Waitress:'your top is too low.."zhao kong "(in Cantonese) already.'

Jo:'u mean my jeans is too low and exposed my tattoo isit?'

Waitress:'no,it's yr top'

Jo:'thnx but my top is like this so nothing can do to make it rite'

it's so damn funny mann...I was wearing this pink MNG top with a wide cut at the collar and I always just leave it like this....used to it already.
But what i noticed was this restaurant full of 'KOLOT' I've suggested to my sis that next time I have to dress with my Japanese style the one below

ta......... this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Breakfast,mum went to buy something and I just tagged along.Guess what???I've found this ice thingy which I've never tried for years...It was back in primary school though..haha
I still remember mum didn't let us to eat this because it's junk food...not good for children...
So,I just reached my hand into the refrigerator and took 2 of the ice thingy..i dunno wat its 'real name'..haha

miss those days~~~
this is how i spent my precious time with it!!!

old school day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
almost finished!!!!haha..........
P/s: Please don't judge on my ugly side because I admit that I was ugly when eating it But I was too obsessed*

*right after I've finished it,my asthma attack*(weird la,it doesnt attack everytime I drink ALCOHOL)

Later then,I;ve done something which beyond my experience-Being a hairstylist!
Sis was not satisfied with her hair after came back from the saloon so she asked me to cut it.Actually I offered myself to do it 1st la..haha

Sis:'you know how to cut or not?'

Jo:'i know la..last time i cut josh's hair too'

Sis:'if not nice,u buy a false hair for me,i dun care!'

Jo:'won't be not nice la(jo's was worried it would be not nice..haha)'

Here it goes~~~~~~
After an hour...............................................

The result:
Jo's opinion~
*Jo' s satisfied about it,never expected it turned out to be the same as she went for the professional.Jo likes it!!!{SUCCESSFUL}

Sis's opinion~
*You can own yr saloon already...the same as the pro..nice la

~The before and after look of my sis~

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