Sunday, July 29, 2007

Instead of spending our saturday night in the club,we spent it 'WISELY' with FOOD!!!!!!!!!!Gotta eat.....Hooray~~~~~

Siham is the food ..haha...kinda not hygiene to have this kind of food BUT we Love it so much....
When go for this 'not so hygiene' food,Aaron is the big's true k????
This is because when I haven't finish a plate of siham,he's finished 6 plates of lala...OMG!!!!
But last night,All i could hear was somebody kept on complaining that I'm so weak....and it was the 1st time to have siham with him..haha

Jo:'please "kopek" for me'

Gimson:'u r so weak la'
*wat he does was he almost kopek all for me..haha*

2nd round

Jo:'help me to finish it,i can't finish all(it's just a plate only and that's much for me)'

Aaron:'girl come,daddy kopek for you'

Jo:'sadly mummy is not here la..haha'

Aaron:'Terbalik pulak I've become yr daddy,if not ,u always have a bad habit not to finish it'
*because i'm always like this when we eat siham*
*guess what?He kopek the whole plate for me*

Jo:'hey,help to eat la,dun kopek only,i can't finish at all'

Aaron:'u can't kopek so i did it for u la.....u asked me to ma'

Jo:'where got????I asked u to help and eat la...but u kopek all for me'

Anyway,he did finish for me..haha

But we did talk about diet ESPECIALLY to me

Aaron:'...u r so skinny(after looking at me from top to toe),must eat more'

Jo:'i think so but jaz always scold me when I say that I'm fat d!!!!'

Aaron:'(after looking at me for the 2nd time)u r ok ok la'

No one says that I'm fat!!!!!Someone PLEASE say 'Jo,You've gained weight already/Jo,You're Fat already'
Anyone out there?????PLEASE say something about me that I'm FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then went for a drink before picked Karwai up.........

We talked loads of stuff and now I'm kinda know 'WHY GUYS LIKE TO SHOW OFF'
Thnx guys~~~~~~

Later then,when another group of gang came to join us,they talked about some 'stuff' and I pity Karwai because he was mentally tortured by Gim..haha...damn funny wei..................

~Girls will never know why a guy does this and what does they think~

~girls can never read a guy's mind while guys can never read a girl's mind~

  • The Tattoo part
Aaaron and Gim were talking about the Tatts that their friends have and they kept on saying the art of it is damn CHUN~

Aaron:'My friend has a japanese mask tatt on his chest with flowers on it and it nice!The tatt artist did do a great job on it'

*my heart started to get itchy to have my next tatt from his tatt artist*

Jo:'hey recommend the tatt artist to me la..dun be so selfish'

Aaron:'He's a fren of mine and he does it for friends...his art of work is very nice'

Jo:'take a picture of yr friend's japanese mask tatt for me!I wana see'
'I'm planning a nice and special design for combination of my tatt'

Aaron:'Your mask tatt on yr neck isit?'

Jo:'Nope.It's my butterfly tatt.I plan to have it with other design which the whole design wil be on the right side of my waist till the front.I wana design by myself'

*Jo's GATAL..Always wana have tattoos until a friend of mine asked me and asked when will I have another tattoo again..haha*

Anyway,I have a special message to Gim and Aaron

"Guys,When do you wana have your tattoos?????I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!"

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