Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why people gossip????here's the point of view in ISLAMIC

GOSSIP is what people like to do.

Have they ever thought that will they get any return in the future for doing that?
Is that a good thing for them to do?
Are they the most perfect ones as they gossip about the others?
Have they ever thought that they may be worse than the person they gossip about?

In conclusion,everyone always thinks that they are the most perfect ones and they have the right to talk bad things about the others.

Being GOSSIP is what happening in my life.

I don't understand what benefits that those people who gossip about me can get.
The funniest is ,even the old one also like to gossip about me n TALK LOADS OF BAD THING of me in front of the others......and guess what???that old bitch is in her 50.(I'm not telling all this by 'IRRESPECTing' her but does someone who like to gossip bad things about me deserves something much much better than me?)
She doesn't even make a self-criticism on herself n her son but she wants to criticise on the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my eyes,those who like to gossip about me are someone STUPID and IDIOT for me!
It's not that i'll pay them or they will pay me for gossiping about myself!!!

I've really learn something about 'GOSSIP' after watching a Muslim programme.

This is why people say that Islam is something pure and white.It can make someone better.

One of the Ustaz(leader in the islam) talked about WHY PEOPLE GOSSIP:

1)people who gossip are those who 'kekurangan ilmu'(not knowledgeable).
this is what I've always thinking about and IT'S TRUE!

2)people who gossip are those who never look themselves in the mirror which means that they don't know to find their own weakness and always think that they are better than everyone and therefore the others are worse than them

3)people who gossip are those who like to find the weakness on the others.
~for example,when someone gossip about a person,he/she would always want something bad happen to the one they gossip about and always think that they are weak.

there's no need for me to talk about the rest because it's about Allah.

Now I understand that those GOSSIP~ERS are an idiot.not knowledgeable.weak!

There's something for the 'victim' to go against all these devils are do something which is good for yourself and prove it to them.

There's no point for you to do the same thing as what they do to take revenge.

They will get nothing in the end but you.

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