Thursday, July 12, 2007

Priceless life can't be replaced by anything at all!

Do they know what a mother is meant to be????Their child grows in their womb for 10 months n growing bigger day by day.Having their own kids is what every mother wants as baby brings alot of happiness in their life eventhough being a pregnant mummy is not easy.It's a MIRACLE!

However,What i've been listening n watching nowadays is a mother could kill her own child just for her lover's sake!

what the FUCK !!!
Your child is more important than everything..include the guy whom you love so much!!!So what if being a single mother????!!!!!Why do u care so much about other people's mind?!?!?!?! No matter what, kids always come first in a mother's life!!!!!A spouse is necessary but NEVER EVER PUT YOUR LOVER ON THE FIRST PLACE!

Honestly,I'm DAMN pissed,angry,sad,heartache and emotional when I found out that another girl's missing and was killed by her own mother just because her mum wanted to protect her lover!!!!!!!Does she has the conditions to be a mother ?????Does she know that her daughter's life is priceless???Does she know that it's a sin for her to do that?!?!?!? If she's planned everything to kill her daughter so why did she give birth to her?!?!?!?
She would never know how much she'd done n feels regret after losing her loved one...Or she never even loved her daughter at all???It could be a big possible as I have a friend who gave birth to her son and just leave him alone...she never even really looks after him and pretend that he's not her son everytime she brings him out with her sister-in-law....Such a sad situation!!!!

Last year,a girl was reported missing in JB and the police found her skeletal remained af
ter 11 days.What shocked me the most is that she's from my primary school!!!!! This was the first time happened in my school and i'm sad over it!!!!!How come all these could happened to an innocent girl?!?!?!You'll never think that her own mother caused her to death and end her bright future to be someone useful . I wonder how could a mother do that to her own child?!?!? Is it as easy as slaughter a meat at home?!?!?!Or it's like a hide and seek game?!?!

ching poon who went missing

last year and her
skeletal remained after 11 days

Do the girls in this world have done something sorry to the guys or their mothers ?!?!?!

Human is born to die but not by murdering by their loved ones in this world.It's ridiculous!!!Or the human in this world has back to the history in the 'JAHILIAH' era where the baby girls were to be killed once they're born.This is what they did whenever a baby girl is born where they would bury the child lively!!!!It's cruel !!!!

Frankly speaking,my emotion now is so bad and that's why i'm writting this post. I feel heartache for these children and wish I could be the one to save their life!!!!

Last but not least,to those future mothers there:

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