Monday, July 02, 2007

san pedro~clubbing~

san pedro night~the only festival that u can find in malacca at portugesse settlement
honestly,I dun really know about the real history about this festival but all i know is this festival is held for the memory of the sailors.....i think that's the meaning though..haha

it's the last night for the festival and guess what????i'm so lag this year because i only found out about this festival just few days before it ends ......I"ve missed alot of interesting stuff....*sob*

but we did make it for the last day and it was fun!!!!
There;s something new there which they didnt have it last year~~~Fun Fair!!!!
We were stucked at one of the game stalls there as the guy was so eager to win a big prize and
what I know is ,he was wasting his money there!!!!He spent alot!!!!He even asked his wife to pay it!!!!!!!OMG!!!!

At first,Gimson and I wanted to play the game as jaz n i will be in a pair and aaron and gim will be another pair.........But everything's nothing in the end because we didn't want to 'mensia sueykan' ourselves infront of everyone because of that guy....haha

therefore,We changed our mind to have some food(i need to eat something before i club)
We went for ikan bakar....the FUNNIEST thing was~we know to eat but don't know to choose the fish...haha..then,a lady chose one for us which is big for us 'physically' but we just said ok thing,that lady said something funny to us which i think she's a very good business woman
"this fish is fresh,this morning it was still swimming"

all of us felt funny about it......but it's nice though..haha

later then,I went to sunshine and meet Terence as he 'invited' me to join him to club there..
His 1st choice was at Pure but it's too early n it's quite empty....
I had aload of fun there..haha...joey made a fool at me about a mat saleh's perfect with clubbing...the real Jo's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before clubbing

the nicest view

fun fair at san pedro nite
the one for me..haha..ive spotted this once i was there
the both of us were being bullied by gimson..haha
the big cam whorers
ikan bakar for four @ portugesse settlement @san pedro night
far right one~~~the one who wasted our drinks..haha
the things to get high
the darkness of black label n beers
havoc in the club~~~
it's SUX to get drunk!!!!

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