Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just heard a good news from a friend...Actually i dunno is it a good news or not?????2 of my friends just got married cuz they are..... pregnant!!!!!!!But they are around my age...Being a young mother did give me a bad impression cuz it's too early to get pregnant n maybe some of them can't afford to raise a child.However,it's changed my mind after an incident happened.Actually it's not wrong to get pregnant at this age and maybe it's something nice for a mother.Both of my friend get married after they are pregnant is something good for them.At least they dun need to kill a life!!!!!It's a child's life!!!!!!But they let their babies come to this world....Not a sin for them at all cuz they keep it n not kill it.If a mother abort her own baby,it's like killing her own flesh n wil haunt her forever!!!!Every baby is meant to born to this world n not being kill.The baby is innocent!!!!!

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