Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hate it but it's nice too

Today i have to wake up 'damn' early cuz i have to attend a function in my high skool..not current high skool but it's a stupid skool that i've hated for 5 years.I've to go cuz its for those ex-students who had achieved flying colour result in the 2005 spm.Although i dun like that skool but it's great to meet my ex-schoolmates again after we've nvr met for almost half a year.I'm happy to be with them again......During the ceremony,i almost fell asleep cuz that stupid VIP was talking nonsense n kept on mentioning abt the death of few students from that skool.Wat the hell?????So,i kept myself entertain by chit-chatting with my frens..... that is much much better than listening to that stupid speech...From the beginning of the ceremony until the end he just kept on talking abt the death...not that he's the only one know abt that...everyone's knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!K,anyway that dun bother me anymore cuz i'd alot of fun with my's great to meet nadiah n william again.A smart gal n a funny guy....After the ceremony,everyone's left but william was stil there with his parents ... i did chit-chat with his parents cuz i know's a manner...his mum is's nice to talk to her...before nadiah left .luckily i get to take a quick shot with her...

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