Monday, January 14, 2008

An old friend's birthday

Venus celebrated her birthday in the year 2008 and she's turned 20 years old..OMG!!!!!haha....
No matter what she's still much much older than me..just 9 months only la BUT I must act like I'm much much younger because I'm scared to turn 20 years old as my age's gonna start from the digit of 2 and not 1 anymore!!!!!!

Don't keep in heart ya,Venus.

Anyway ,she always wants a grand birthday party for her birthday and continuously celebrated her birthday 2 years in a roll at a club.What to do?????SHE'S A CLUBBER!

When I've reached the salon and picked her up,she looked like gonna celebrate her 21st birthday and there's many people kept on asking me whether it was her 21st birthday but I just explained to them that she's just 20 and I couldn't imagine what would it be like on her 21st birtday....haha...

However,I pulak kena scolded by her for not wearing sexy clothes and accompany her.
Excuse me????It's yr birthday and I don't wana be the highlight of the night.

She's the birthday girl.She uses cash but not credit cards
our 1st drinks.
Just for the few of us only...the others please layan yrself with the beers..haha
not blur yet cam-whoring seesion
2nd shot
just the both of us
moi n the birthday gal-Venus
cam-whoring session
ivian n jo
reunion for the 3 old friends during Venus's birthday
the last shot of 3 of us
here's the cake
the cake on the table with a smooth romantic look..haha
I don't know why is she always busy holding something in her hand?!?!?!?
cutting the cake

Her job was to cut the cake once and not into slices.So my job was to cut the cake and distribute to the others.She's the VIP of the night so have to give her nice nice service ma..haha

This is what happened in the pictures when you see drunkers busy taking photos.
Please be prepared to see these pictures.

kiss kiss
I'm supposed to give her a kiss and not her kissing me..haha...
Lesbian in sex!!!!!
This is what we call the DRUNKERS!!!!!!!!

P/S:Thnx to the guy who was the photographer of our drunk session and had to suffer seeing us posing SHIT.Kesian HIM!

cute shot from the birthday girl
She's the real drunker..haha..worse than me

Happy birthday gal!

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