Thursday, January 10, 2008

The fact in love life!


Where should I stand when I'm stucked between a couple after breaking up???
Helping the one who is a player but is an old friend of mine OR backing up for the one who's hurt by a player????

I just wana surrender and let u guys settle everything.

To my old friend~the player,
Hope that you're happy with the new girl and don't regret for what you've done.I'm not sure how long can yr new relationship last for but all the best.I'm not intending to jeopardizes our friendship but just hope that you are happy.

To the one who's hurt,
Don't give up the whole forest just because of a tree.You must go on with yr life as guys is not the only reason for you to live but your own reasons.No silly things!!!!!!!

Jo Ann is feeling sorry for the both of them as they were the perfect couple.

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