Friday, January 04, 2008

Countdown to 2008!!!!!New us!!!!!

New year eve!!!!!!
I'm gonna CREATE a new JO in year 2008!!!!!
no more sadness but happiness with my love ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly,I'm sick on new year eve!!!So suffering!!!But I still manage to spend time with my clicks especially the one who just came back from KL~my dear Sherlynn!!!!Ooopsss!!!I should call her CIKGU CHUA,as she's gonna be a teacher in Subang...

so,we've gone for dinner and shopping together!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!

cheesy gals
yanfun n me..our 1st shot
i was asked move forward just to make her face look smaller
me during dinner before new yr eve party
haha....ugly side...always get caught
the only cam-whorer
jaz n yanfun......

After dinner and shopping,we headed to Geographer for countdown.OK,this time no clubbing!
Cuz I don't have the mood to club...hmm....weird la..cuz i'm sick la!!!!!!!!
We turned to something nice and romantic...haha....

On the way to there,the 3 of us were stucked in a jam in the basement..haha...honestly,Jaz and I kept on asking Beatrice not to give way..haha.....and we've done that to many cars especially male drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies always the best!!!!!!!!!
beatrice,jaz and jo
the 3 musketeers stucked in a jam....
the spokemodels for carlsberg..i wonder how much does the organizer paid them..haha
best friends forever
the loving couple~always!!!!!
jaz's bad skill....
the scene of Geographer
this situation makes everyone has to save a thing~the drinks!!!!
this makes me think of shisha~ing..haha
artistic pic.....good skill from this pic to the max
happy new year to me!i wana be a new me!!!!
the crowd @ geographer
innocent me..haha...kesian kena all those dirty stuff which contain chemical
man-made snow during new yr eve..haha
my bestest present from the one who always supports me

this is what the both of them did when the clock strikes 12.None of us could find them at way to escape being dirty

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!!


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