Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not updated stuff

I've left my 'SAYANG' blog for almost 2 weeks without updating any posts at all.Pity you!!!!!
It's not my intention for not updating any posts but it's because that I'm too busy like HELL recently.Anyway ,my BUSY~NESS gonna end in few days then I've got to relax and have fun!

So,let me update things that happened recently.

On last Saturday,my colleagues and I have spent the night drinking at a club.The 'live' band there is awesome especially with the sexy and hot female singer.She does really has a great figure.ME JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I heard from them saying that she's taking up belly dancing class.And guess what????She's a great copy-cat of SHAKIRA!!!!!!!Luckily,she's got a nice voice.At least she didn't ruin everything with a 'so-called singer's voice'...haha

There's something interesting during that night .A nice nice and seducing performance by our MR.EDWARD LIM!haha.....He could be a sex icon though as he was pulled to the stage to do some dirty acts..haha.......

Oh ya!He's always the happy-go-lucky and funny guy in our company..haha

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