Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrestler fans to be!

Last night,after Suki's done doing my hair ,we then planned to have our supper at a mamak stall.We need to make a change and sit at mamak stall as we always go to expensive place to here comes the story..............................

The 3 of us ordered the same drinks~teh tarik.The 1st thing that came across my mind once I drank it was that teh tarik can cause diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is because the teh tarik was SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But don't care la!As long as I get to drink and it's not that I drink it everyday or 24/7.

Nowadays,many mamak stalls are fully 'furnished' with projector instead of LCD tv.So ,WWE was the programme of the night.I admit that I never really like watching wrestling at all but I was totally enjoying watching it at the mamak stall.Guess what???????A table with 3 girls kept on saying something not so 'nice' every 5 mins ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!!!!As the guys didn't even say anything but just watched it......haha.....

Here's some actions that the female wrestlers used during the show and I noticed that almost everyone of them used the same actions!

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