Sunday, February 03, 2008

The day has come!

I've been waiting for today since a month ago.Ermmm....Nope!I think is about a month and 5 days.That's the most accurate!

And finally I've got to rest and have a nice sleep until the sun rise.....OR maybe the sun set.

Wait a minute............................................
I have something more important to do on the following day as we'll be having a dinner tomorrow night.Guess what?Our chef is a happy -go- lucky guy who was a former chef from Shangri-la Hotel!Jealous ya??????Haha :)

The day after tomorrow I'll be away the whole day following the next day just to do my hair.Whatever it is,I've got different hairstylist to do hair rebonding,hair cut and colouring.Everyone said that I'm crazy doing this!Don't care la~

Ok.That's all for now as I'm tired and sleepy.It's 'EARLY' though as I didn't get a chance to sleep at 10 pm a month ago.Now I've got the chance!!!!!!

Good night!
Sweet dreams to me!

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