Thursday, August 03, 2006

His fault or their fault???Never ever gt drunk.....

I was awake this morning..actually it was 2 something in the midnight cuz my cousin just after clubbing and that really suprise me cuz that was the 1st time she came back at this hour.I mean too early cuz the normal time she comes back after clubbing is 4a.m or 5 a.m eventho we club together.I didn't ask her the reason until i woke up this morning for my class then i knew that those friends that she went with involved in a fight..i knew that guy too-----a married guy but divorced with his wife few months ago.I was shocked when she told me that the guys he fought with used a bottle to hit on his head..OMG!!!!!It's not once but a few times!!!!!Ya cuz he was drunk n he created some trouble when he found out that my cousin was talking to another guy whom she knew.She's not his gf so wat for he care so much?!?!?!?He should mind his own bussiness.
However,he gave me an impression that he is kinda troublesome when clubbing..I knew it when i clubbed with him for the 1st time.Guess what he'd done????He kicked the guy whom i just knew for less than 5 minutes.This is because the guy was trying to take advantge on me n he's kinda busybody.Anyway that guy was a lil' too much .I was scared that they might fight with each other.You nvr knew what will happen when clubbing but a fight is normal,not a big fight.But it's normal that the guys want to 'make friend' with the girls.
He went to the medical centre to 'rescue' himself.There are 7 stitches on his arm n i dunno how many stitches on his head.Maybe this is a lesson for him that not to 'jaga tepi kain orang' when he's drunk.

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